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The Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder – Stainless Steel 565.05 Series [REVIEW]

Conical Burrs

Creates consistent grinds

Stainless Steel

Attractive and adds weight to stablize grind

Easy Controls

Allows you to dial in and change the grind size

The Capresso Infinity 565.05 Burr Grinder is one of the most popular and well-reviewed grinders on the market.  It uses commercial-grade conical burrs and grinds very consistently.  The grinder also comes with an 8.5oz bean hopper16 grind settings, and an easy-to-use time switch.  The Infinity is easy to take apart, which is great for cleaning and maintenance.  With the stainless steel construction, it looks more attractive and is more stable.

This Capresso Infinity is a reliable grinder that produces coffee-shop level grinds right on your kitchen top.  It is my personal go-to grinder and has given me outstanding reliability for almost 2 years.  If you want to take control of your coffee quality, then you should upgrade to this grinder.

The Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder's Specification and Overview

What We Like:

What We Don't Like:

The Infinity is Suitable for...

The Capresso Infinity is one of the best coffee grinders for home-use and is great for users of all experience levels.  Beginners will appreciate the grinder’s simple controls and more advanced users will enjoy the consistency and price.

The price isn’t outrageous, yet you will get consistent grinds and excellent craftsmanship.  The functionality is simple and easy to read. This eliminates most of the guess work involved in finding the correct grind.

If you want to upgrade your coffee routine, then getting this electric grinder is an excellent start.

The Capreso Infinity Video Review

This Coffee Grinder's Features in Detail

Design & Appearance

The Capresso Infinity 565.05 is a compact and attractive grinder that’s made out of stainless steel.  The metal exterior gives it a professional appearance and it fits in well alongside my other kitchen appliances.

The plastic hopper on top has a wide mouth and twists to select grind size.  The front panel is simple and clean, with a stainless twist timer above the grounds container.  By moving the hopper all the way to the right, the Infinity can be opened for cleaning.


I have been using the Infinity almost every day for over a year and I haven’t noticed a dip in reliability.  With regular care and cleaning, this grinder should last for a long time and the added stainless steel exterior increases the longevity of the Infinity.

Cleaning is relatively easy too.  By taking the hopper off, which can be soaked in water, the burrs are exposed and can be cleaned with a brush.  Once every few months it might be a good idea to take the burrs out completely for a good cleaning.

The Capresso Infinity has held up very well in over a year of frequent use.  The only noticeable changes are some browning and staining from the coffee oils.  I’m also concerned with the plastic and rubber parts inside the grinder, but I haven’t had a problem yet.


The Capresso Infinity has 16 grind settings that’s suitable for anything from Turkish to French Press.  You change the grind setting by twisting the hopper to the corresponding marking.  A twist of the timer dial starts the grinding and the grounds fall into a plastic grind container at the front of the machine.  The grind container pulls out and the grounds can be used to brew or stored for later use.

Overall, the Infinity feels stable, durable and well-made.

I did have a few issues with the on-off switch, because it’s time based.  One of the most important aspects of brewing good coffee is to keep to a particular recipe of grind weight to water, and the timer doesn’t take this into account.  So for me, this means leaving the hopper empty and weighing beans before each grind so that I get the freshest coffee possible.

Otherwise, the grind containers holds static so grinds can stick to the sides but a few quick taps usually separates the grinds.  Alternatively, check this method out.  I would also like to see more rubber on the bottom too as the Infinity can slide around on some surfaces.  These are small issues that shouldn’t be a deal-breaker, especially considering the moderate price.

Grind Consistency

Grind consistency is one of the key features that you should look out for when you get your own electric grinder.  The Capresso Infinity is very good at producing consistent grinds.  There could be some variations depending on the beans, but I’ve not seen any noticeable effects on the taste or brew speed.  In my experience, this coffee grinder works best with light roasted, less oily beans.

A reason the Infinity does so well is that it uses a conical burr set.  A conical burr set has 1 stationary burr and another cone shaped burr that rests inside.  The cone shape allows beans to naturally fall into the burr set as they revolve and grind.  This burr technology, along with low speeds and thigh torque, means that the Infinity produces very consistent grind.  Capresso is known for their attention to detail and craftsmanship, and these burrs are engineered to high standards in Switzerland and I haven’t noticed any dulling or chipping.

The grind is very consistent, and better than I’d expect given the price.  You’re not going to get the same consistency as you would from a much more expensive grinder, but considering the price and size this gives excellent performance.

The Coffee Barrister's Verdict [Conclusion]

If you are looking to upgrade your coffee grinder, then the Capresso Infinity 565.05 Conical Burr Grinder would be an excellent choice.  After grinding your own coffee in your morning routine, you’ll never want to go back to using pre-grounds beans!

Overall, the Capresso Infinity is a reliable, well-made and attractive grinder that offers very good grind consistency from its conical burr set.  It is great for beginners because it’s easy to use and maintain.  The price is very reasonable.  Of course, more expensive grinders will be able to grind faster, but with the increased sturdiness (from the material and weight), together with the fact that it produces less noise – the home-use grinder is an excellent choice.



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