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DeLonghi KG89 Stainless Steel Burr Coffee Grinder [REVIEW]

The DeLonghi KG89 Stainless Steel Burr Coffee Grinder is an entry-level machine that’s aimed at home-brewers and baristas who’re just starting out. It boasts an unconventional boxy design that uses a set of steel burrs for uniform and consistent grinding.

Does the Delonghi KG89 stay true to its brand name? Well, almost. It does have a few features that I did not like; I’ll this further below in the review.

A Closer Look At The KG89

You have to hand it over to these guys. While most entry-level coffee grinders are ‘unappealing’, it’s not the case for the DeLonghi KG89; this machine will impress out you of the box. It has a very stylish and contemporary appearance and has a matte-silver external stainless steel casing with black edges.

The clean lines and large rotary dial on the front gives the KG89 Grinder a sense of sophistication, something that is lacking in most coffee grinders around this price point. Not to forget that the all-metal casing makes it more durable compared to the flimsy plastic ones.

There is a 4.2oz bean hopper with an airtight lid. If you are one of those people who like to fill the hopper to the brim and then grind only a bit at a time, this slows the coffee beans from going stale for a few days. If you want them to last a few more days, then read our coffee storage solution article.

On the front, the rotary dial is used to select the amount of coffee that you want to grind, and you can choose between 2 to 12 cups. There is another knob on the side of the grinder that lets you adjust the grind size; you can set it to anything from large coarse grind to fine espresso quality.

There is also just one power switch on the housing. In terms ease-of-use, the DeLonghi KG89 scores over other models.

Once the coffee is grounded, it’s funneled into a plastic container. The plastic container is a bit of a letdown, especially when you consider the fact that it has a durable all-metal casing. Typically, plastic is not ideal because grounds will get stuck on it due to static – it’ll be messy!

Lastly, a feature that is often overlooked with the KG89 Burr Grinder is the self-contained cord storage. If you’re worried about cords looking messy on the counter, this will solve your problem.

The DeLonghi KG89 Performance

Changing the grind settings on the DeLonghi KG89 is very easy. You can go from fine to coarse while the machine is operating. When it comes to grind quality, it’s decent. It’s not the best and probably not good enough for a true coffee connoisseur. Even at the coarsest setting, there tend to be a fair amount of fine coffee in the mix. As such, I don’t think this is a consistent coffee grinder. The difference won’t be alarming for a casual coffee drinker though.

The DeLonghi Burr Grinder is quiet, which is critical if you plan to use it at home during mornings. You can select one of the preset grind settings and just go away preparing your espresso maker. You’ll barely notice that the machine next door is grinding away.

The KG89 Burr Grinder comes with rubber feet at the bottom. If you’ve used older or cheaper coffee grinders, then you might notice it jump and wobble. This won’t happen with this DeLonghi machine.

Is This Burr Grinder Right For Me?

Anyone who’s looking for a budget conical burr grinder will find the DeLonghi KG89 a very worthy prospect. This machine is perfect for beginner baristas or those interested in home-brewing.

Video Review

I only found a video review of the older KG79 version.  The machine is still very similar, watch the video review below:


Other than the contemporary and stylish design, what I like about this coffee grinder is it’s very simple to use. It comes with an on-off switch, and two knobs; one for control the grind size, and one to select the number of cups (2 to 12). All-in-all, the DeLonghi KG89 is very easy to use, and a perfect choice for newbies who’s just starting out!


Considering that the DeLonghi KG89 uses a plastic container, static is unavoidable and can often create a mess. A possible workaround is to tap it mildly with a spoon while covering the hole that dispenses the coffee.

Talking about mess, the KG89 also becomes quite messy when you try to remove the hopper for cleaning. That’s because the coffee grounds that fell to the receptacle (the part below the container) will leak when you pull the hopper out.

Lastly, it seems that the grinder jams quite frequently, especially if you are using it for coarse grinds continuously. If you’re an espresso drinker, you should be slightly concerned about this problem.

Alternative & Similar Products

Although a decent choice for beginners, in terms of appearance and performance, I think the Cuisinart DBM-8 and the Bodum Bistro are slightly better.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for something that produces significantly better results, without blowing the bank, then you should consider hand-crank coffee grinders such as the Hario Skerton or the Hunt Brothers.

Still not sure?  Check out our affordable coffee grinder guide to learn more.

The Coffee Barrister's Verdict [CONCLUSION]

Some advantages, a few disadvantages, the DeLongi KG89 Stainless Steel Burr Coffee Grinder is a value-for-money proposition. I understand it’s not perfect, but the flaws are minor and not things we’ve not heard of from an entry-level coffee grinder. To counter these problems, the KG89 comes with a long list of positives (as highlighted), it has a contemporary design, and it’s easy to use.

DeLonghi KG89 Coffee Grinder
  • Produces a uniform ground texture for the most consistent results with the burr grinding wheel
  • Choose the perfect grind setting from course, to medium, to fine
  • Grind 4-12-cup of coffee with quantity control knob; once grinding is complete, it shuts off automatically


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