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The Hario “Canister” Ceramic Coffee Mill CMHC-4C [REVIEW]

Uniform Grinds

Excellent grinds in the fine – mid settings

Vintage Design

Beautiful bronze tones on the grinding mill

Convenient Storage

High capacity and sealable container

If you are looking for a quality coffee grinder to take with you on a trip, then the Hario Canister Ceramic Coffee Mill is the perfect choice for you. This beautiful coffee grinder comes in 2 parts, a mason jar at the bottom and a top piece with a grinding mill built in it. The best part of this coffee grinder is it lets you seal the grind in the canister by letting you put a cork in the grinding unit once you’re done. If you are looking for an attractive and convenient hand-held coffee grinder for your travels, then vintage looking, Hario Canister is the way to go.

Hario Canister Ceramic Coffee Mill Specifications

What We Like:

What We Don't Like:

The Hario Canister Is Most Suitable For...

The Hario coffee grinder is great for light use at home and travels. For those looking to show-off an intriguing coffee-piece, the Hario Canister combines style and functionality. Other than the 120g storage capacity, it’s great for travel because you can take all the pieces apart from the coffee grinder and store them in the grind container. Do keep in mind, the grinder only produces uniform grinds at the fine – min range, so I don’t recommend it if you’re looking to make French Press coffee. Overall, if you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing, conversational starter, and espresso manual coffee grinder, then I recommend the Hario Canister Ceramic Coffee Mill.

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Features of the Hario Canister Ceramic Coffee Mill

Design & Appearance


The Hario Canister has an intriguing vintage design with beautiful copper tones built into a sturdy little machine. The gorgeous glass grind container is one of the best features of the grinder. Hario is a glass company, so one of their main strengths is obviously making glass. On top of it is a grinding mill made of wood and metal, it also comes with latches so you can easily fasten it to a grind container. Lastly, beneath the container, there’s a rubber-bottom that keeps everything nice and sturdy when you do your grinding. One important note to make is that this Hario model has a nut that holds the grinding handle in place. I found this very helpful in comparison to other Hario models where the handle has been known to fly off the grinder. Overall the design is very attractive and rustic, yet functional.


The operation of the Hario Canister is quite smooth with nice resistance from the handle. This coffee grinder uses conical ceramic burrs, and as I’ve said in other articles, ceramic burrs are preferable because they don’t heat the beans up when grinding, so quality won’t be lost.


The manual coffee grinder has a storage capacity of up to 120g. When travelling, you can always store the whole beans in the container, and only take them out to grind when needed. You can make a whole pot of coffee without switching out the base. This means the hand grinder is ideal for those who want to make coffee for one person or a small group of campers.

Low Noise Level

Just like every other manual coffee grinder, it’s very quiet. Unless you decide to be a nuisance and grind your coffee right next to someone fast asleep, you won’t wake anyone up.

Ease Of Use

Adjustable Grind Settings

I personally think the grinder more difficult to assemble than other hand-held coffee grinders, but it’s quite easy to adjust once you get used to it. To adjust the settings, you’ll need to remove several pieces including the grinding handle in-order to reach the small washer that controls this. The adjustment is smooth and unmarked, meaning there’s lots of room for fine running. On the other hand, it also means that it’ll be difficult to keep track of your favorite grind settings.

I’ve tested the coffee mill in different settings, and it seems to produce the best results in the fine – mid settings. So…people who uses an Aeropress or drink Espresso will be happiest with this product. As for coarser grinds, I didn’t like it – it’s not too uniform, so don’t get it if you’re going for French Press, get the Hario Skerton with upgraded kit instead.

Removable Base

You can easily access your coffee grinds by simply unhinging the grind container. You can even detach the grinding mill from the glass container – it’s very easy to do and allows for super easy cleaning. The Hario Canister also comes with a nice rubber seal and cork, which allows you to seal the grind container completely. Essentially, it becomes an airtight coffee canister.

Low Mess

I love the design of the hand-held coffee grinder; it makes it easy for you to pour your coffee beans. The grinder also comes with a handy silicon lid that keeps the beans from bouncing out (when grinding). I don’t like it though, it doesn’t look good and it falls out when you grind. I do like the grind container’s canister design though, it lets you access your coffee grounds easily and at the same time, the option to seal and store them away.

Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning is not an issue here. You can easily remove the pieces and wash them with a brush. You can also wash the grind container in the sink.


Based on the grind quality and features, I think this Hario grinder runs for a pretty good price – it’s great value for money. The coffee grinder is not only functional, but also a beautiful piece of kitchenware / to take around. If you want to look for another coffee grinder with a great vintage design, then you’ll either have to get one that’s a lot more expensive, or less functional.

The Coffee Barrister’s Verdict [CONCLUSION]

In conclusion, the Hario Canister Ceramic Coffee Mill is beautiful and fit for travels. For a hand grinder, the capacity is good and can easily satisfy a group looking to prepare a pot of coffee. The grinder produces uniform grinds at the fine – mid range, which is perfect for Espresso and Pour Over drinkers. Lastly, you can store all the pieces sticking out in the sealable grind container so it won’t be damaged when you do your travelling. So…for a traveler who’s looking for a piece of gadget that’s not only functional, but gorgeous too, I think this is a clear winner.
Hario Canister Coffee Mill
  • Manual coffee grinder using burrs made of ceramic
  • Burrs make for a more consistent grind that’s easily adjustable and set for repeat use
  • Ceramic burrs don't transfer heat and shave the coffee beans vs cracking the beans like blade grinders


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