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Hunt Brothers Ceramic Burr Grinder [REVIEW]

If you’re like me and have been looking for a super portable coffee grinder, then this might be it! I went to Copenhagen recently and bought a Hunt Brothers Ceramic Burr Grinder based on my friend and fellow barista’s recommendation. She kept going on about how well it does in coarse grinds, which is the crucial ingredient for an excellent cup of French press.

Eventually, I was convinced and here’s the review:

The Hunt Brothers Grinder Features

This manual coffee grinder is very portable, measuring only 9 x 3 x 2.3’ (22.9 x 7.6 x 5.9cm) and weighing 11.2oz (320g). Being stainless steel, the coffee mill provides all the durability and solidity that any adventurer needs. To top things off, it also comes with a traveler’s pouch to make things even more convenient.

The Hunt Brothers Grinder is also one of the few in the market that produces even and consistent grind across all range of grinds. Whether you’re looking for a fine cup of espresso or coarse grinds for your French press, the Hunt Brothers will deliver.

Is This Ceramic Grinder Right For Me?

With its superior durability and portability, the Hunt Brothers Coffee Grinder is suitable for adventurers and travelers. It won’t break randomly, and you can easily store it in a bag. This coffee mill is especially a good choice for people who love French press. I was impressed with the quality of coarse coffee ground the mill produced. It’s definitely one of the better choices for French press.

The coffee mill is very affordable and is currently available on Amazon – see the latest price now.

What We Liked About The Hunt Bros

When I saw this coffee grinder, I was already impressed. The hand-crank mill is very compact and despite its size, it looks durable and feels very substantial. When I remove the handle at the top, it’s even more portable. You’ll never have any problems storing this coffee mill.

It’s great that it has all these extra perks, but the core performance is still the most important. After setting everything up, I tested the coffee mill’s finest setting, for espresso. It passed no problem, as expected from most coffee grinders.

When I changed the settings for French press, I was amazed. My friend already hyped it up for me, but it exceeded expectations. For coarser grinds, this coffee grinder is definitely one of the top performers in the manual grinder market.  The Hunt bros truly care about the quality of their product.

Based on the results, this hand-operated burr grinder produces excellent results across the all grind size, it’s perfect for any brews. Whether it’s French Press, AeroPress, Chemex, Pour Over, it’ll have no problem preparing quality grinds for it.

This Coffee Grinder's Problems

When I first took the parts out from the package, the coffee grinder had a strong “oily” motor smell. Like most people, I assume you’ll be against putting anything you’ll eat/drink in something that smells so artificial.

Luckily, my friend warned me about this already and said that a good soapy wash would clear all the funny smells. This worked for me. To be fair, I wasn’t fussed about this at all because I always wash everything before I start using it. If you’re like me, then this should be a small negative.

In my opinion, the above is the main negative. Of course, for all the lazy people out there, having to assemble the grinder and manually work for your coffee ground is going to suck. But if that’s you, why’re you reading this review in the first place? Have a look at our list of electric grinders instead!

Alternative & Similar Products

When I first ordered this ceramic burr mill, I immediately thought of the Porlex Tall JP-30. They look quite similar and have similar performance. However, I feel that the Hunt Brothers produce higher quality coarse grinds (for French press).

Alternatively, if you’re looking for something slim for your travels, then check out the Hario Mini. This is a very slim grinder made from plastic. Similar to the Hunt Brothers Grinder, it has a low chance of breaking, and you’ll have no problem packing it away.

Lastly, if you plan to make coffee for a larger group of people, then you may want to consider the Hario Skerton. The Skerton is also for the French press fanatics out there – when upgraded, this hand grinder produces excellent coarse grinds too.

If you’re planning to get the Skerton, do keep in mind that the ground container is made from glass. Even though the glass is protected by a plastic sleeve, it doesn’t cover the whole thing and could still break. The Skerton is still the most popular grinder in the market and our favorite pick – I just don’t recommend frequent travels with this grinder.

The Coffee Barrister's Verdict [CONCLUSION]

I hope the amazing sun in Copenhagen didn’t affect my judgement too much, but I think the Hunt Brothers Ceramic Coffee Grinder is very good.

This burr mill delivers in performance. It not only does well in producing finer grinds but also delivers in coarser grinds too (which is rare!). Being compact and durable, I kept the burr mill in my bag every day, even when we were just chilling in a boat or cycling. The Hunt Brothers Burr Mill is truly designed specifically for travels.

As such, other than all the French press lovers, I would recommend this coffee grinder to the adventurers and travelers who loves specialty coffee!


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