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Best Coffee Percolator in 2023 [A Comprehensive Guide]

In this age of cheap drip coffee makers and single cup makers, standard stovetop percolators and electric percolators (also known as moka pot) have become one of the most forgotten coffee brewing methods in the world; except for the Italians, who invented them.

However, stovetop espresso is still one of the best ways to get a strong, bold cup of coffee out of your ground coffee beans and hot water.

If you enjoy a strong coffee then you’ll want to add a percolator to your arsenal. But how do you choose the best coffee percolator to go with your favorite coffee grounds? This guide look at some of the top percolators in the market and help you find the perfect model that’ll help you get your percolated coffee to perfection!

So let’s begin, here’s our top picks for percolators:
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Coffee Maker - Things to Consider

Before we start looking at some specific models, let’s understand the basic features in every coffee percolator.

The first is the heat source. As the name suggest, unlike drip coffee makers that’re all electrical, some coffee percolators are heated up by a stove, where you put it on top; hence the name stovetop coffee. If you’re planning to brew coffee while hiking or camping, then an electrical one will obviously not work.

The next thing you need to consider is the capacity of each model. Depending on how many glass of coffee you’re planning to brew, you may want a larger capacity percolator. Small coffee percolator pots are usually enough in most situation; I personally believe they taste better but that might just be a personal preference.

Finally, you should take the pricing into consideration. In general, coffee percolator uses a very simple mechanism. The main difference between a cheaper and more expensive model is in the material. So depending on how frequently you use it, you might want to spend a little bit more for a sturdier model.

Alright, now that we know the basic features, let’s see what’s on the market right now!

Unlike the previous two models, this Farberware Percolator is a portable, stove-top model. This is great for people who want to take their percolator camping for coffee on the go (or want to experience Italian culture a bit more). Still, it works great at home and brews great coffee.

Since this isn’t an electric percolator, you can put the percolator safely in a dishwasher; it’s very easy to clean up!

The downside to this model is the size. It’s designed to brew up to 8 cups at a time. It’ll take up more storage space and space in your dishwasher when you’re going to clean it.

Despite the above, if you’re someone who don’t like cleaning and have to serve coffee to a medium size crowd, then the Farberware Stovetop Percolator will be ideal for you.

First of all, the price on the Farberware FCP240 is great. You won’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get a great glass of coffee.

One of the other great features of this model is the number of size options. There is a small, medium, and large-sized option, which brews anywhere up to 4, 6, 8, 12 cups of coffee. Choose the one that fits your lifestyle and your budget!

Another great thing about this product is it takes very little time to brew the coffee. Even better, after brewing, it automatically switches to it’s warming mode so your coffee won’t get burnt.

Overall, this is a nice option with some great features, and at a reasonable price.

Like most Cuisinart kitchen products, the Cuisinart Percolator is great at what it does.

There is an indicator light at the bottom that lets you know when the coffee is ready. Most electrical percolators don’t come with this feature, so it’s a nice addition.

Despite saying that, this product doesn’t come with a warming feature. Your coffee will get burned if you don’t turn it off when the indicator light is on.

Well, other than the above, the capacity for Cuisinart PRC-12 is very good; it can make up to 12 cups of coffee. This is the ideal choice if you plan to serve coffee to several people in one go.

The Cuisinart Coffee Maker is also very easy to use and clean, it comes with a no-drip spout and detachable cord. It’s super convenient and nearly 100% mess free!

Lastly, for prices, the Cuisinart PRC-12 is priced perfectly; it’s not too high or low for it’s size and capacity. Together with the convenient factor, this coffee maker is perfect for those want to serve large crowds.

One of the most stylish percolators available, this Hamilton Beach Stainless Steel Percolator will certainly look great on your kitchen counter. There is a detachable cord as well as an indicator light to tell you when the coffee is ready.

There is also a keep warm mode, which as the name suggest, keeps your coffee warm after you finish percolating your coffee. Those are all great features to have if you’re brewing coffee to last your entire morning.

The downsides to this coffee percolator are the size and price. Similar to the model above, the Hamilton Beach model only has one size; for brewing up to 8 cups of coffee. Again, this is fine for some but it can also be a major downside in terms of storage.

The pricing is also higher than other percolators that offer similar features. However, it does have the most unique design, which I think is the main reason why it commands a higher price tag.

30/01/2018 UPDATE – It appears they have lowered the price for the Hamilton Beach 40621R, it’s now lower than the models above, at least for today!

Overall, if you love the design, then the price is probably worth it. However, if you don’t really care about the design, or or just don’t like it, then one of the percolators are probably more suitable for you; they’ll give you a better bang for buck.

The Coffee Barrister's Verdict [CONCLUSION]

Those are just some of the more popular models available. You will find that many percolators come in at a similar price and most have comparable features.

The main features you should consider is whether it’s stove-top or electrical, and how many glass of coffee is it designed for. Together with the price, this will help you narrow down your selection and in finding the best coffee percolator for you.

If I had to pick, I’ll go for the Faberware 8-Cup Stovetop Percolator. Other than its size, this coffee maker is the most versatile option. It’s easy to use and clean (dishwasher friendly), and will also make an interesting conversation starter to a non-coffee lover.

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