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Cafe Don Pablo Organic Coffee – Straight from Columbia [REVIEW]

DISCLAIMERS: This coffee has nothing to do with Pablo Escobar or Narcos!

When looking for a go-to everyday drinking coffee, what do you look out for?

Are you interesting in something with a smooth, rich taste that’s enjoyable all the time?

Well if you are, then the Café Don Pablo’s Organic Earth Coffee might be right for you. This Arabica coffee from South America offers a sweet and pleasant taste as well as is grown by environmentally conscious farmers.

Let’s look at a review of this coffee and see what makes it so good.

What's Good About This Colombian Coffee?

What's Bad About Cafe Don Pablo?

The Key Features of the Cafe Don Pablo Organic Coffee

Non-GMO and Organic

Don Pablo is mainly a Honduran coffee that’s certified as a non-genetically modified crop (non-GMO). This coffee grows with no chemical additives or repellants. The farmers work hard to ensure that the farms are environmentally sustainable by letting nothing go to waste. The farmers take unused coffee cherries and stems of the coffee plant and turn them into compost for the next crop production.

100% Arabica Coffee Beans

Don Pablo’s Organic coffee is made up of 100% arabica coffee beans. Arabica Coffee, unlike the mass produced and often bland tasting Robusta coffee beans, Arabica beans are more delicate and when brewed, produces a wider variety of flavors and aromas. Don Pablo’s coffee is a flavor balance between rich chocolate, caramel, and honey.

Profit Sharing Program

Don Pablo’s coffee’s profits are distributed equally among the producers of the coffee via their ‘Sharing Certified‘ program. The program ensures that the green coffee producers, roasters, farmers, and distributors are incentivized with financial rewards to provide fair working conditions to their employees. With each purchase of Don Pablo coffee, you are helping to provide competitive wages for all involved with this coffee.

Interview with the Owner

A Detailed Review - Cafe Don Pablo

Although advertised mainly as a Columbian coffee, majority is imported from Central America, in Honduras.

Honduras, in the last few years, has become one of the premiere coffee growers in North America, beating Guatemala and Peru. Before this growth, Honduran coffees had been known for their average and somewhat bland tastes.

Through various reform programs, like Don Pablo’s ‘Sharing Certified’ program, coffee plantations in Honduras has been focusing improving the quality and taste of its specialty coffee production.

The Don Pablo coffee goes through the roasting process in small batches, which results in a medium to dark roast. This coffee brand available in whole beans, pre-ground, and K-cup. When tasting the coffee, many reviews agree that the coffee has a bold and robust flavor with an emphasis on chocolate, honey, and smoke.

However, from personal taste test, I felt it was kind of disappointing drinking this coffee because it lacks any depth of flavor and leaves an ash-like flavor on your taste buds. This taste is not pleasant and can make the coffee taste sour or bitter at times.

That being said, if you’re looking for coffee that’s in your pre-ground or K-cup coffee, Don Pablo’s coffee will taste the same as if it was freshly grounded. That consistency from whole bean to pre-ground coffee is difficult to master and Don Pablo offers the same tasting experience across the board.

Despite the brand’s interesting story and social responsibility, I feel the flavor aren’t always consistent. As such, here’s my verdict for the product:


How Does Cafe Don Pablo Compare to Similar Coffee?

Another non-GMO organic coffee, Koffee Kult shares similar practices and flavor profiles of Don Pablo’s except their coffee is harvested from all over the world.
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Based on Bob Marley’s fame, the Marley family created the Marley’s Organic Coffee brand to help share organic coffee from all over the world. Similar to Koffee Kult, they have coffee offerings from all over the world.

No products found.

If you’re interested in other coffee in this region, then New England Coffee’s Columbian Supremo Coffee might be a good option. These coffee beans have a bold body and it’s medium roasted. The Columbian Supremo is grown by environmentally conscious farmers and roasters. Note these are whole beans and not pre-grounded.
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The Coffee Barrister's Verdict [CONCLUSION]

Cafe Don Pablo Organic Coffee Earth Coffee is a great option if you are looking for an organic non-GMO coffee option. Since the coffee brand offers the coffee in whole bean, ground, and K-Pod form, you can enjoy this coffee no matter what your favorite brew method is.

If you’re a coffee lover who’s looking for a rich and bold flavor, or if you’re planning to binge through Narcos again, then give this Central American coffee a try!


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