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Rancilio Rocky Doserless Coffee Grinder [REVIEW]

When I first got the Rancilio Rocky, I wasn’t sure whether it’d go well in my kitchen – I was hesitant on the size and design.

I was still very excited because before for I started grinding coffee, I already heard of Rancilio; they make some of the best espresso machines in the world. As such, I had high expectations for the machine and luckily, it lived up to the hype.


The Rancilio Rocky weighs 15.4lbs (7kg) and dimensions of 9.8 x 4.7 x 13.8’ (25 x 12 x 36cm). The exterior is quite modern, it’s constructed using high-grade aluminum and stainless steel, but the chute and hopper are made from blue tinted plastic.

In terms of performance, this burr grinder produces great results, with consistent grinds across all size range. This works well for people who change brews all the time – espresso, drip, pour-over, French press…you name it!

The Rancilio coffee grinder is also very easy-to-use. It comes with 55-stepped settings, straightforward user manual (for an Italian manufacturer), and doesn’t come with the added complexity of having a doser.

Is It Right For Me?

If you’ve never ground your own coffee, or just own a cheap blade grinder, then the Rancilio Rocky will take your coffee experience to the next level (and more). The Rocky produces superior quality grinds and can accommodate any type of brews.  You can learn about the Rocky’s grind settings here.

This doserless coffee grinder is also great for beginners. It’s easy to use, and doesn’t take up a lot of space – it comes with lots of removable parts (bean hopper, portafilter holder, drop tray). In fact, this is one of the first coffee grinders I’ve used when I started out, I’ve never had any major problems with it.

The machine is currently available on Amazon. If you’re a beginner who intends to experiment with the machine, you can also get a peace of mind by buying 2 – 3 years protection plan directly from the manufacturers (via Amazon).

Video Review


Other than the ability to produce high quality grinds for all types of brews, the really cool thing about this machine is that it uses large commercial burrs – 50mm stainless steel burrs. This is massive especially if you consider this home grinder’s overall size! It’s good to use larger burrs because they produce coffee faster and also helps in dissipating heat by having a larger surface area.

Roasted coffee beans contain lots of volatile compounds. When they’re exposed to too much heat, they’ll evaporate and dry up – tainting the flavor of the coffee.


My biggest reason to grind coffee is for the experience. Unfortunately, the Rancilio Rocky gets really annoying sometimes and ruins it.

When you’re grinding with this machine, it can get very messy. I think the design might be flawed in that the chute is placed too far away from the holder and tray. To grind, you also have to hold on to a button from start to finish. I know this probably won’t bother some people, but it’s very annoying to me – I’m sometimes quite impatient.

Alternative & Similar Products

Despite being annoying, it’s still one of the best coffee grinders in the market because of its performance.

If you’re looking for something larger and more powerful, I’d recommend going for the Mazzer Mini instead – mind you it’s going to be more expensive.

Another good alternative is the Capresso Infinity. This conical burr grinder is smaller and more affordable, but at the same time, doesn’t compromise on its grind quality.

You can find other high-quality coffee grinders here.

The Coffee Barrister's Verdict [CONCLUSION]

I’m going to be biased, but I really like the Rancilio Rocky. This doserless grinder produces great results and offers a good balance between size, ease-of-use, and price.

I know I said this machine is annoying to use at times, but it’s one of the first coffee grinders I started with and I learned the highs and lows with this grinder. Therefore, I still think this doserless model would be a good choice for beginners who are serious in picking home barista as a hobby.

If you’re planning to get a Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine, even better. The grinder and coffee machine will go perfectly together.

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